Position Title: Welder (2-year) - Ref: KDM/WC/AKM2
Company: ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd.
Business Area: Land Systems
Job Description:
  • Produce metal products according to design-required specifications
  • Read and interpret diagrams, sketches and blueprints to determine operations, required materials and timeframes for projects
  • Set up, operate and maintain welding equipment
  • Understand and implement personal and company safety measures by wearing personal welding protective gear

Job Requirements: 
  • Minimum GCE 'N' levels and above
  • Qualified in basic SMAW or GMAW welding process to fabricate and assemble metal structures through the use of welding machines, cutters, shapers and measuring tools
  • Able to comprehend instructions and communicate in English 
  • Pass welding qualification test
  • Pass WSQ Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Metal Work
  • Able to use oxy-acetylene cutting tools
  • Able to operate hand tools or equipment and tools
  • Knowledge in operation of welding equipment and tools
  • Ability to follow simple oral instruction and carry out accordingly
  • Understand drawing dimensions and utilize tools (measuring tape, ruler, tri square, fillet gauge, protractor, level gauge)
  • Team player
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