Position Title: Senior Engineer / Team Lead (Windows Server)
Company: ST Engineering Ltd
Business Area: ST Engineering
Windows Server Administrator
1      Ability to administer user account e.g. creating, deleting, or updating user account information, assigning user access rights, resetting passwords.
2      Ability to administration and management of server and its software such as installation, backup, maintenance and troubleshooting.
3      Ability to monitor and tune system performance to improve resource usage, avoid hardware failure and processing bottleneck.
4      Ability to carry out regular security hardening exercise on system by applying application/operating system updates, patches and configuration changes.
5      Ensure the security settings of systems are carried out as per the company’s security rules.
6      Analyze system/event logs, identify and correct potential issues with the systems.
7      Facilitate development and implementation of new installations, migrations and improvements to the structure and efficiency of company’s IT network.
8      Assist solution architect in carrying out product evaluation, prioritizing solution options and describing strengths/weaknesses of different alternatives.
9      Strong Powershell scripting experience
10    Familiar with GPO, DNS and DHCP.
11    Ability to perform above in the cloud and traditional environment.
  1. Degree/ Diploma in IT/ Computer Science/ Network/ Computing/ Computing Engineering
  2. Minimum 1 years of experience in Systems administration
  3. Experience Linux administration, VMWare SDDC environment will be an added advantage.
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