Position Title: Associate Functional Test Engineer #SGUnitedTraineeships #SGUP
Company: SGunited
Business Area: SGUnited

Traineeship Description:

The trainee will report directly to the Project Lead and work closely with his teammates.

At ST Engineering, our people are our greatest resource because it is from our talents that solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges are generated and created. Working with like-minded specialists and engineers, you will look to the latest innovations to tackle a myriad of challenges faced by our global base of customers.


Job Description:

  • Write test specification document
  • Perform internal testing, system integration testing with development team.
  • Create and track problem tickets on issues/bugs identified
  • Conduct official user acceptance test and production verification test with customer
  • Prepare official test reports

Software   Design

  • Design a   simple software component or interface according to functional specifications   and business requirements
  • Utilise   appropriate software design methods and tools, in line with the   organisation's software design practice and principles
  • Identify   relevant controls, elements and features to be included in the software to   meet its design objectives
  • Assess   functionality and interoperability of different elements or components in the   software design
  • Produce   detailed design documentation mapped to user specifications
  • Participate   to improve project coding standards to avoid security vulnerabilities

Application   Development

  • Develop   and/or program simple applications or components according to agreed   specifications
  • Re-use   externally developed components in creation of applications
  • Identify   possible security features required to address potential security risks and   vulnerabilities
  • Embed   user interface templates into applications according to design guidelines and   specifications
  • Run   routine software tests to identify defects, errors and/or security   vulnerabilities
  • Perform   unit testing of each unit of the codes to ensure that the code works   according to application requirements
  • Apply   basic debugging tools and techniques to reproduce, simplify and resolve   application errors or problems
  • Make   simple revisions and modifications to existing application
  • Add new   application components or features, according to endorsed recommendations
  • Document   the internal design of the application for future maintenance and enhancement
  • Write   application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Perform   bundling of application code and relevant files to enhance the deployment and   utilisation of the application code

Software   Testing

  • Draft   standard test cases or scenarios
  • Prepare   testing environment for testing based on technical criteria and   specifications
  • Execute   testing procedures
  • Assess   test results for unexpected outcome
  • Document   details of failures or glitches that surface from the test results in testing   documents
  • Compare   the test results against the functional requirements or desired outcomes to   highlight gaps and areas for improvement
  • Diagnose   commonly encountered faults and failures in applications
  • Oversee security provisions in software
  • Follow   recommended coding standards and secure coding principles to avoid security   vulnerabilities
  • Adhere to   project standards in the collection of security assessment metrics
  • Perform   code reviews to identify security vulnerabilities

Software   Configuration

  • Apply   standard scripts and tools to deploy software products to a specific platform
  • Perform   simple tests or checks on platform specific versions of software products
  • Identify   compatibility and functionality issues arising from checks
  • Execute   modifications to software configuration, based on clear directions and   guidelines
  • Document   updates to software products and deployment instructions
  • Record   release activities for future reference

Duration: 9 months


  • Diploma in Business Administration / Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Information Technology

This position is for both recent graduates and mid career individuals. Graduates interested in this position should possess a Poly Diploma Qualification. Mid career individuals from any qualification level can apply.

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