Position Title: Software development engineer (Embedded Software) #SGUnitedTraineeships #SGUP
Company: SGunited
Business Area: SGUnited

Traineeship Description:

The trainee will report directly to the Project Lead and work closely with his teammates.

At ST Engineering, our people are our greatest resource because it is from our talents that solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges are generated and created. Working with like-minded specialists and engineers, you will look to the latest innovations to tackle a myriad of challenges faced by our global base of customers.

Job Description:

  • Embedded software development
  • Integration of software and hardware and testing
  • Compile results, evaluate/verify and improve system performance

Embedded Systems   Programming

  • Develop software applications and drivers to run in an embedded   operating system
  • Interpret hardware and software communication and control requirements
  • Implement embedded firmware or software drivers and applications on a   microcontroller
  • Test logic connectivity and integrity of physical designs
  • Verify embedded software designs according to quality and regulatory   guidelines
  • Manage all records and metrics related to embedded software development   process
  • Identify root cause of issues related to embedded software

Embedded Systems Interface   Design

  • Design interfaces among embedded systems, software and sensors
  • Identify the appropriate hardware devices and software programmes   needed to capture and transmit desired information
  • Utilise simulation or modelling software to model and test   interconnections among devices and programs
  • Implement user acceptance testing to test the embedded systems   interfaces and/or products
  • Implement embedded systems to the real world context
  • Tune the deployed system to ensure it delivers the expected outcome

Embedded Systems   Integration

  • Execute performance specification and analysis of sensors and actuators   for real life applications
  • Utilise commonly adopted component interconnections and signal   conditioning principles in automation
  • Apply analogue sensors and transducers to solve real world control   problems
  • Apply digital transducers to solve real world control problems
  • Develop actuator networks with stepper and continuous drive actuators

Software Configuration

  • Apply standard scripts and tools to deploy software products to a   specific platform
  • Perform simple tests or checks on platform specific versions of   software products
  • Identify compatibility and functionality issues arising from checks
  • Execute modifications to software configuration, based on clear   directions and guidelines
  • Document updates to software products and deployment instructions
  • Record release activities for future reference

Duration: 9 months


  • Degree in Electrical / Electronics Engineering

This position is for both recent graduates and mid career individuals. Graduates interested in this position should possess a Poly Diploma Qualification. Mid career individuals from any qualification level can apply.

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