Position Title: Electrical Works & Wiring Technicians #SGUnitedTraineeships #SGUP
Company: SGunited
Business Area: SGUnited

Traineeship Description:

The trainee will report directly to the Project Lead and work closely with his teammates.

At ST Engineering, our people are our greatest resource because it is from our talents that solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges are generated and created. Working with like-minded specialists and engineers, you will look to the latest innovations to tackle a myriad of challenges faced by our global base of customers.

Job Description:

  • Understudy engineers to implement wiring diagrams
  • Electrical calculations and defining required implementation (cable gauge, material)
  • Prepare cable harness, proficient in usage of crimping tools, planning of cable routing
  • Perform functional checks and troubleshooting of system

Competencies to learn:

(TSC) Design Developing

  • Understanding and study design brief of the project
  • Identify design limitations and possible solution
  • Generate and articulate conceptual designs to suits the application and present to stakeholders.
  • Obtain and understanding Engineering Standards Requirements

(TSC) Design Requirement

  • Identify necessary calculation needed for the design such as Power, voltage and current for calculations and define the cables size use and type of materials require or selected.
  • Understanding and Identify environmental specifications and material characteristic

(GSC) Generate system drawings

  • Draw block diagram from conceptual design.
  • Draw system drawings for each individual systems.
  • Understand the type of connector use

(TSC) cables harness

  • Prepare cables harness require for the system design.
  • Hands-on using different crimping tool for different connector.
  • Plan how to routing cables. Perform cables testing for Power cables, lan cables, data cables and RF cables

(TSC) System testing and trouble shooting

  • Read and understand system equipment functional and perform configuration.
  • Troubleshooting system if not working or not function as the requirement
  • Perform functional test after fully terminated.


Duration: 9 months



  • Diploma in Engineering

This position is for both recent graduates and mid career individuals. Graduates interested in this position should possess a Poly Diploma Qualification. Mid career individuals from any qualification level can apply.

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