Position Title: Associate Test Engineer (System) #SGUnitedTraineeships #SGUP
Company: SGunited
Business Area: SGUnited

Traineeship Description:

The trainee will report directly to the Project Lead and work closely with his teammates.


At ST Engineering, our people are our greatest resource because it is from our talents that solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges are generated and created. Working with like-minded specialists and engineers, you will look to the latest innovations to tackle a myriad of challenges faced by our global base of customers.


Job Description:

  • Assembly and testing of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) machine prototypes and first article units.
  • Design and manufacturing documentation
  • Perform system and site testing
  • Perform corrective maintenance of AFC

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Auxiliary Systems   Engineering Support

  • Functional relationships between AFC auxiliary   systems
  • Operating principles, and functions of AFC   auxiliary systems
  • Types of hardware relating to AFC auxiliary systems   that includes:
  • Station Computer
  • Network Equipment
  • Monitoring and Control Workstation
  • Power Distribution Board


Automatic Fare Collection Gate Engineering Support

  • Functional relationships between AFC gates and   other AFC systems
  • Operating principles and functions of gates
  • Types of AFC gates, hardware modules and   assemblies that includes:
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  • Passage Management System
  • Passenger Display Units
  • Barrier Flap System
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Contactless Smart Card Reader Writer (CSCRW)
  • Procedures for assembly, servicing and testing AFC   gates
  • Types of tools and equipment for servicing and   testing the AFC gates

Automatic Fare Collection Sales Device Engineering Support

  • Functional relationships between AFC sales devices   and other AFC systems
  • Operating principles and functions of AFC sales   devices
  • Types of AFC sales devices
  • Types of AFC sales device components that   includes:
  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Payment Handling Unit
  • Interfacing module
  • Passenger Display Unit
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Security Token
  • Ticket Transport Subsystem
  • Contactless Smart Card Reader/ Writer (CSCRW)
  • Procedures for assembly, servicing and testing AFC   sales devices
  • Types and usage of tools and equipment for   servicing and testing the AFC sales   devices

Condition-based Assets Monitoring Management

  • Types and signs of observable wear and tears,   stress signatures, and fault indicators
  • Types of sampling and measurement methods and   techniques
  • Tolerance limits of components and systems
  • Tools, gauges and instruments for measurement
  • Organisational and/or original equipment   manufacturer (OEM) guidelines, schedules and intervals for measurement   sampling

Data and Statistical Analytics

  • Business Statistics
  • Microsoft Excel functionalities
  • Equipment Maintenance and Housekeeping
  • Roles and responsibilities in the use of, upkeep   and maintenance of tools and equipment
  • Types of tools and equipment used in AFC testing   and servicing
  • Equipment and tools operating procedures
  • Types of quality management concepts
  • Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Guides on   Workplace Housekeeping
  • Organisational procedures on equipment log records   and housekeeping documentation

Internet of Things Application

  • Concept of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Types and functionalities of IoT devices
  • Types of wireless communication technologies
  • Concept of cybersecurity

Report Writing

  • Types of reports
  • Elements of a well-written report
  • Methods of displaying data

Vendor Management

  • Types of contracts
  • Risk assessment
  • Service level agreements
  • Methods of effective communication with vendors


Workplace and Facilities Safety Management

  • Common risks and safety hazards in the workplace   and public transport premises
  • Use of tools and equipment in the workplace
  • Types of prohibited and dangerous items in public   transport premises
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety   devices and equipment
  • Interpretation of safety and warning signage
  • Organisational Workplace Safety and Health (WSH)   policies and procedures
  • Types of risk control measures
  • Methods of risk and hazard assessment


Workplace Safety and Health for Electrical Safety

  • Types of voltage levels applicable in the rapid   transit environment
  • Types of measurement equipment and tools used in   electrical maintenance activities
  • Safe and proper use of electrical measurement   equipment and tools
  • Use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment   (PPE) within a public transport environment
  • Safe electrical procedures during electrical   isolation and switching
  • Methods to check electrical measurement equipment   and tools prior to operation
  • Procedure to check for safety of assigned work   area
  • Common causes of electrical accidents at workplace
  • Procedures in reporting electrical accidents at   workplace
  • WSH legislations and organisation procedures   applicable to electrical installation

Duration: 9 months



  • Diploma in Electrical/Electronics Engineering.

This position is for both recent graduates and mid career individuals. Graduates interested in this position should possess a Poly Diploma Qualification. Mid career individuals from any qualification level can apply.

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