Position Title: C++ Software Developer, VR (T&S/LBD) #SGUnitedTraineeships #SGUP
Company: SGunited
Business Area: SGUnited
Traineeship Description:
This position reports to the Programme and Technical Manager and interfaces with the project team. The job scope is as follows :
  • Analyse customer requirements
  • Design and implement simulation software modules
  • Test, Integrate and debug system
  • Collaborate with other software developers
  • Document Design
Specific Responsibilities:
Trainee to be involved in:
  • Design and implement simulation software modules and plugins
  • Perform unit testing on developed modules
  • Test, Integrate and debug modules with interfacing systems
  • Maintain existing software systems by identifying and correcting software defects
Competencies to learn:
  • Understand contractual requirements for CGF. Buildup software foundation and learn VR Force application required for CGF
  • Familiar with the project development environment
  • Understand existing VR Force condition and actons capabilities
  • Identify list of outstanding Conditions and Actions and Behaviours from requirements.
  • Documentations
  • Creation of new conditions
  • Creation of new actions
  • Familiar with VR Force behaviour capability
  • Creation of new Behaviours.
  • Initial review of CGF behaviour based on all the generated conditions, actions and behaviours
  • Creation of outstanding conditions and actions
  • Creation of outstanding behaviours
  • Integration and Testing with other modules
  • Fine-tune CGF behaviour
  • Update documentations
  • Degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Electronics & Electrical Engineering or related fields.
  • Possess good communication skills and a good team player
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