Position Title: Technical Director, Cloud Development
Company: ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd
Business Area: Electronics
  • DevSecOps philosophy, bringing culture, automation, lean, measurement, everything-as-code and sharing into Information Security at the same time as embedding security into DevOps tooling and processes
  • Collaboratively developed source code and versioning
  • Scripting skills, including Perl, Python, Ansible and extensive experience with CI/CD
  • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting experience and an extensive track record in one or more IT technical disciplines
  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology or Information Security
  • Vendor, product, methodology and/or industry certifications
  • Experience in working in a regulated environment
  • Experience of; config management tools, Jenkins, host virtualisation, containerisation, ELK, Splunk, vulnerability scanners, proxies, WAFs, artefact management, data streaming and transformation
  • Experience in Government Commerical Clouds, or other, Cloud architectures and engineering solution
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