Position Title: Pre-Sales Executive - Ref : KAS/MANS/ACPG
Company: ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd.
Business Area: Land Systems
Job Requirement : 
  • LTA Vitas processing & securing approval from Inspection for every unit of MAN Trucks & Coaches
  • Liaising with body builder and MAN Truck and Bus AG for documentation and certifications for submission
  • Co-coordinating with body builders on LTA Inspection customers for final Delivery.
  • To create specification sheets for new MAN Product Range for Customers and LTA
  • Coordination with customers and in-house painters and logo writer on customers’ corporate color code and Logo.   
  • Liaising with customers on TCOE biddings and to ensure Finance release letters, insurance, vehicle parking certificate are in order before registration via LTA registration online Portal.
  • To co-ordinate and arrange pre-delivery inspection on Trucks and Coaches by PDI team before delivery
  • To physically check and ensure specification of Truck and Coach chassis arriving in Singapore meeting correct specification as ordered.
  • Arranging customer’s driver for training. Handing over of trucks and coaches. 
  • To physically visits body builder premises to monitor body building progress, quality of works and ensuring meeting customers schedule dateline
  • Visits to LTA  to discuss and explain specification and documentation when LTA has issues in approving our submission.  
Requirements : 
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 
  • Fimiliar with MS Office  
  • Ability to interpret drawings 
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