Position Title: Data Scientist
Company: Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd
Business Area: ST Engineering
- Work in Strategic Technology Centre to deliver data analytic solution to customers/users (solutions range from Descriptive, Diagnostic. Predictive, Prescriptive to Machine Learning and AI in developing data models with algorithms for big data analytics.  
- Develop hardcore data science techniques into algorithms for DA with ML/AI capabilities. 
-     Prefer a PHD in Science/Engineering/Mathematics with at least 2-3 years of working experience in data analytics.
-     In-depth technical knowledge in either: (1) Operational Research, (2) Computer Network (3) Computer Vision (4) Fluid Dynamics (5) Engineering                Mechanics (6) Video/Image Processing (7) AI and Neural Network (7) Geometry and Topology (8) Social & Cognitive Computing is a plus.
-     Good experience with end-to-end data profiling, mathematical modeling, testing, validation, algorithm, visualization / ideation and solutioning.
-     Experienced in MySQL, Python, Matlab, Java or C.
-     Knowledge of Hadoop and Spark highly essential in the age of Big Data. 
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