Position Title: Purchasing Executive, Contract (Ref SYN/FSC/CHE1)
Company: ST Synthesis Pte Ltd
Business Area: Land Systems
Scope of Work – Purchase Requestor for PLC and FSC
(1)  For Normal Purchase - Receive Manual Purchase Request from User based on 
  Purchasing Guidelines and with the necessary supporting documents. Check through the
  supporting documents whether it is in order.
(2) For Asset Purchase - To Raise the Asset Form C and Ensure there is sufficient funds in
  the Cost Centre.
(3) User to Raise WOC Form when necessary based on Purchasing Guidelines.
(4) To Update the information in the Database for easy tracking purposes. Purchase for 
   Stationeries, Packing Materials, Papers, Cratering, Ferry Tickets, Polar Water, Indent of 
    Vehicle, Rental of Vehicles, Vehicle Parking, Books, DVA Air Freight, Sea Freight, 
    Various Exercises for Freight, etc. 
(5) To Raise Purchase Request in the SAP Purchase Request System and Update the 
(6) To Ensure that the SAP Purchase Request has been released by the Relevant Release
   Authority before pass it to Procurement Department to Raise SAP Purchase Order in the   
(7) Once SAP Purchase Order has been Raised by Procurement update the SAP Purchase 
  Order in to the Database cross reference to SAP Purchase Request Number.
(8) To Segregate the SAP Purchase Orders by PLC or FSC for the Relevant Release 
  Authority to Release. 
(9) Receive Delivery Note or Tax Invoice from the User, Update the Database.
(10) To File the 1st Invoice Page and Support Document in to the various Files.

Able to operate words and excel applications

Has SAP knowledge in creating / amendment Cost Centre / GL codes
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