Position Title: Security Lead
Company: ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) Pte Ltd
Business Area: Electronics
The Security Lead responsibilities are to:
  • Implement and update security procedures in accordance to information security policies and guidelines.
  • Manage and operates security solutions. Syslog servers, SIEM, Privilege user management.
  • Review and conduct risk assessment on firewall and VPN access requests.
  • Conduct log / access reviews as per contractual requirement.
  • Evaluate and recommend new/upgrade of software and hardware for the protection of information systems.
  • Perform risk assessment on critical information security assets to identify the threats and vulnerabilities and recommend the appropriate mitigation controls.
  • Conduct security audit, review and assessment to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and ensure they are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Response to the security incidents with established procedure and technology.
  • Monitor, analyze and report security threats, incidents and vulnerabilities to information systems.
  • Work closely with network, system administrators and application development teams to ensure security policies are being followed.
  • Monitor and announce security advisories to network and system administrators on security alerts, new/zero day vulnerabilities.
  • Supports internal and external audit exercises for the maintenance of various certifications and contractual requirements.
  • Keeps abreast of security technological advancement, emerging information security standards and new security software or hardware solutions.
  • Handle Change Request, Service Request, Incident.
  • Plan maintenance for all the security equipment for patching.
  • Any other duties as and when assigned.
  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 year of experience in security administration and/or consulting.
  • Experience in using pen-test/Vulnerabilities Assessment utilities tools, SIEM, Privilege User Management, systems administration (window/Linux) would be a plus.
  • Able to handle demanding service response and recovery turnaround
  • Able to manage daily support team to meet stringent SLA requirements
  • Able to deal with issues such as cyber-attack.
  • ITIL certification will be an advantage.
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