Position Title: Engineer, Simulation - Ref: RASB/KXR/SY3
Company: ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd.
Business Area: Land Systems
Job Description:
• Develop a simulation software platform that interfaces with all components of an autonomous vehicle stack & simulates vehicle operation in a variety of traffic, weather, and lighting conditions.
• Develop, maintain, & iteratively improve radar, lidar, & camera models for autonomous vehicle simulations
• Analyze & validate the accuracy of the sensor models by comparing results to real world data
• Develop, maintain, & improve dynamics models & controllers for autonomous vehicles
• Create simulated vehicle models whose performance matches real world vehicle test data
• Create simulated road networks & traffic logics. Develop traffic scenarios and test cases

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Engineering
• Comfortable with multiple languages: C++, python, Matlab
• Comfortable with TCP/IP & UDP networking protocols
• Experience working with game engine environments
• Experience with parameter estimation and system identification
• Experience validating & iteratively improving physics models
• Demonstrated interest in autonomous technologies or simulation tools
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