Position Title: Design Engineer (CAD/CAE) - Ref: KDM/WSC/THK
Company: ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd.
Business Area: Land Systems
Job Description:
  • Study, research and develop ideas for new products 
  • Involve with team to modify or upgrade existing products; improve the performance or address obsolescence. The delivered product must take into consideration of performance, safety, cost, and maintenance
  • Partner with other stakeholders within organisation 
  • Use Computer Aided Design software to create modelling and assembly, as well as drafting of drawings
  • Study requirements or tasks prior to commencement of design 
  • Utilise computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-assisted engineering (CAE) software to generate possible design concepts 
  • Present design concepts for discuss in design review
  • Assess designs based on performance, safety, manufacturability, reliability and maintainability 
  • Generate documents and test plans for submission 
  • Conduct test and analyze data from tests on prototypes
  • Review design performance and propose modification to optimize designs

Job Requirements: 
  • Degree in Mechanical, Design Engineering
  • Proficient in MicroSoft Applications
  • Able to operate CAD modeling 
  • Team player
  • Singaporeans only
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