Position Title: Autonomous Vehicle Safety Driver / Trainer / Maintenance - Ref : RASB/KXR/SY
Company: ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd.
Business Area: Land Systems
Job Description : 
  • Operate self-driving vehicle in both autonomous and manual modes
  • Ensure safety of occupants, pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists
  • Collaborate with engineers to follow test procedures
  • Provide feedback to research and development team to improve software performance
  • Prepare the vehicle for daily driving (general maintenance, charging, and upkeep)
  • Assist in mounting of sensors, computers, and wiring
  • Troubleshooting any issues during fleet operations
  • Inspect and service our fleet vehicles
  • Diagnose malfunctions and perform repairs
  • Support the design and testing of electrical/mechanical subsystems for a range of autonomous platforms across multiple domains
Requirements : 
  • Diploma / ITE in Automotive Engineering 
  • Background in testing, maintenance or automotive fields
  • Experience using shop and power tools
  • Previous employment as a professional driver or certification from driver safety programs
  • Passion for working on cars and technology
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