Position Title: Inventory Planning & Control Executive (2-year) - Ref: SDDA/SCM/TSLS
Company: ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd.
Business Area: Land Systems
Job Description: 
  •  Render inventory management support and services within business unit
  •  Plan, organise,  manage and evaluate the inventory management activities and budget of department
  •  Direct and manage corporate governance and regulatory compliance procedures related to inventory management operations.
  •  Monitor inventory levels and inventory movement using manual or computerized inventory systems
  •  Monitor key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the inventory management operations
  •  Maintain open dialogue with other management to coordinate activities and improve performance and productivity

Job requirements: 
  •  Degree /Diploma in Supply Chain Management / Engineering
  •  Possess good interpersonal skills and strong ability to work within a team
  •  Equip with problem solving skills that need to be ready when problem arise, or be ready to anticipate problems before they happen
  •  Devise inventory plans of action and assess those plans regularly
  •  Ability to present ideas, approach and objectives clearly
  •  Work under pressure, independent and self-motivated
  •  Being a good listener, willing to understand customers' issues and address their concerns
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