Position Title: Purchasing Executive - Ref: SYN/FSC/CHE
Company: ST Synthesis Pte Ltd
Business Area: Land Systems
Job Description:
  • For Normal Purchase - Receive Manual Purchase Request from User based on Purchasing Guidelines and with the necessary supporting documents. 
  • Check through the supporting documents whether it is in order.
  • For Asset Purchase - To Raise the Asset Form C and Ensure there is sufficient funds in the Cost Centre.
  • Raise WOC Form when necessary based on Purchasing Guidelines.
  • Update the information in the Database for easy tracking purposes. Purchase for 
  •    Stationeries, Packing Materials, Papers, Cratering, Ferry Tickets, Polar Water, Indent of 
  •     Vehicle, Rental of Vehicles, Vehicle Parking, Books, DVA Air Freight, Sea Freight, 
  •     Various Exercises for Freight, etc. 
  • Raise Purchase Request in the SAP Purchase Request System and Update the Database.  
  • Ensure that the SAP Purchase Request has been released by the Relevant Release Authority before pass it to Procurement Department to Raise SAP Purchase Order in the System. 
  • Once SAP Purchase Order has been Raised by Procurement update the SAP Purchase Order in to the Database cross reference to SAP Purchase Request Number.
  • Segregate the SAP Purchase Orders by PLC or FSC for the Relevant Release Authority to Release. 
  • Receive Delivery Note or Tax Invoice from the User, Update the Database.
  • File the 1st Invoice Page and Support Document in to the various Files.
Job Requirements: 
  • Minimum Higher Nitec and above
  • Procificient in MS Office Applications
  • Familiar with SAP. Create / amendment Cost Centre / GL codes
  • Able to communicate well with staff in PLC / FSC & Procurement and Finance staff
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