Position Title: Management Executive
Company: ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd
Business Area: Electronics

Job Description

- Provide enquiry & application support for new grant applicants. E.g. Guide new applicants to fill up the application form.
- Conduct discussion with applicants about their proposal to ensure that grant support is used cost-effectively.
- Possess good communications and negotiation skills and is preferred to have basic business savviness.
- Communicate with scheme applicant on the submission of the documents required for the applications and to check that all hardcopy and softcopy documents required for application are fully submitted before the deadline.
- Account managing each approved scheme applicant during the duration of the grant qualifying period.
- Remind scheme applicant to submit quarterly progress and sales report
- Compile quarterly progress and sales report into a master list of all scheme applicants.
- Evaluate the progress reports to determine if scheme applicant has fulfilled their contractual obligations, if not, to communicate with scheme applicant to provide an update.
- Compile the list of F&B outlets that have purchased healthier ingredients from scheme participants quarterly for decal issuance to F&B outlets.
- Remind scheme participant to submit grant claim documents every 6 months.
- Receive and check that all grant claim documents are in order.

Academic Qualification Required

Minimally a Diploma Holder (Preferably in Food Science and Nutrition, Food Science and Technology or Nutrition and/or Dietetics).



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